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History of Loggins Logistics, Inc.

Loggins Logistics provides transportation and logistics services to an ever-expanding range of customers across the nation. Specializing in Flat Bed Transportation, Loggins Logistics proudly offers a wide variety of logistical services and support to companies in every industry. Plus, staying on the cusp of the latest technology, we can provide our customers with immediate, detailed information regarding their shipment. Our integrity is evidenced by our commitment to operator safety and excellence, which is a hallmark of the way we do business. Loggins Logistics has always sought to set the highest standards for the transporation industry, and we will continue to do so. Now, and in the future.


Mission Statement

Service Map

Jeff Loggins bought his first truck in 1985 and became an Owner/Operator. After 12 years as an Owner/Operator he decided he was tired of the run-a-rounds he got leasing on with other trucking companies. So, in January of 1997 he filed for his own authority and started his own flatbed company called Loggins Logistics, Inc. 

"It was pretty rough the first year with his wife serving as dispatcher, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, while I was hard at it on the road". Jeff bought two more trucks and hired some quality driver while running their company out of their house. Noel Duncan was the first driver Jeff hired and has been with the company ever since then. Noel is now Vice President of Operation.

In May of 1997 we leased on our first owner/operator and now have between 95 and 100 owner/operators and drivers. We have since moved from the house after building our current office at 5706 Commerce Square in Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1998. In 2003 we filed for and received our broker license in order to help some of our customer get their material transported. As you can see we can handle your shipping needs or contract it out for you freeing up your valuable time and resources.

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